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Computer Service

Here is Some of My recent service.

Cybercafe Implementation service: -

1. Installing RJ-45 on network cable.
2. Configuration Client and Server PC.
3. Installing basic application Software (Cybercafe Standard).
4. Installing and Configuration of Cybercafe management Software.
5.Install and Configure server application
6.Setting Game Server and Billing Software.

RM 40 For each Client PC
RM 400 For Server Setup and Configuration. + RM5 per PC fo CC that exceed 25 unit

Game server implementation services
RM 1000 per server installation

  CybercafeCafe layout plan making service (best implementation configuration for Cybercafe Cafe ).
1. overall layout plan
2. Network Cable layout plan

RM 150.00 - 300.00

Typing Service.
RM 4.00 each paper.

Setting your PC for best Performance and Solid Arrangement.(Window XP user)
RM 50.00

Burning CD/ DVD
RM 6.00

Repairing PC & Laptop (especially Software Problem).
Price: Depends on PC@Laptop Problem.

Commonly are:
Formatting and installing basic application: RM 35.00

Installing Software service:
RM 8.00 each
(Disk Management tool's such as Paragon partition manager, magic partition, drive erase, USB Format, Password Protect.Media Tool's like Total vedio converter, NERO Burner, and many more.)

-Install Operating System On Your 2GB Pendrive (make your pendrive as Portable Operating System That You can use it everywhere and usefull to test your PC hardware weather it's Still in good Condition Or no) Built in Open Office,Mozilla Firefox, Hardware Tester, Few games, media player and additional tools.

RM 28.00 each pendrive

ChaBie Design Computer Service List

1. Re-format dan install windows XP Home & Professional
2. Removal Virus-spyware (clean up)
3. Checking Hardware & Software
4. Backup Data
5. Data Recovery
6. Upgrading Hardware & software
7. Partition

- Hardware & Software -Troubleshoots
-Blue Screen
-Cannot boot Windows(Corrupted)
-Driver Missing

8. Network Troubleshoot
(Internet Problem)
-Cannot login Internet

9.Install Networking
-Setup Networking for Office,School,Lab,Shop&Home
-Cabling (Cat5e & Cat6)-UTP
-Configure network
-Free Antivirus

*Perkhidmatan untuk seluruh kawasan KOTA KINABALU.

Sila hubungi kami untuk segera ke tempat anda



For Other IT (especially Software) problem repairing service that not listed on my website, please contact me through my Mobile phone or email form that I provide for you at Contact and Purchase Menu Above. Thank You.

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